Olivia is the hip hop dance expert in our team.

She does event related stuff with ease while juggling communications and dance related content creation. Her skills stem from years of experience as a dancer and promoter of the famous Flavourama Battle. Another essential task of hers is to intervene if the guys have too many “genius” ideas.


Mike is the CEO of Rookies at Work.

He is a jack of all trades and never afraid of making his hands dirty. He blends in as a host on stage, a consultant for your event conception, influencer for all topics related to urban culture and even as a skilled camera operator.


Steve is the musical supervisor of the Rookies.

He has the leading role in some of our ongoing event series and is responsible that our playlists are always on point. His fine taste for music was developed through honing his craft as a DJ and dancer.


Philipp is the grandmaster of design at our company.

He creates pinpoint accurate results for all kinds of visual presentation. Drawing by hand, computer or even spray can? You have come to the right man. Philipp is also the creator of the successful Salzburg based street fashion label esteem.


FraGue is the writer of the company.

Usually he is working on communications strategies and websites but from time to time his typewriter spits out fairytales or poems. Besides writing he is part of the event management team, a dancer and producing movies.