Rookies at Work

What We Do

You need a brainstorming partner? You have the idea but you need someone to push it over the line? Stuck in everyday business and running low on energy to pursue new goals?

We will supercharge your brand by supporting you with creative concepts, ads, events, designs, content, and social media campaigns tailored to your needs.

The Rookies Philosophy

Despite our name, we are not new to the game. Rookies at Work stands as a metaphor for our way of approaching every project as something new yet unseen by the world.

We dig deep, find the aspects that set you apart from your competition, and develop solutions that reinforce your unique character. This way, you can reach the customers for whom your offer matters.

Check Out Our Work

E-Sports and Gaming

E-Sports and Gaming are a market on a meteoric rise.  Unimpressed by the chaos of the year 2020 the Gaming ecosystem with active players, streamers, influencers and millions of fans worldwide kept growing and prospering.

We see E-Sports and Gaming as an opportunity to build in a crisis-safe environment. How about you?

Dance Competitions

The Hip Hop dance styles and especially Breaking is a crowd favorite, for years. Due to the upcoming inclusion of the dance in the program of the Olympic Games 2024 in Paris, media attention is bigger then ever.

We are building in the urban dance scene since 2009 (yes, that’s long before we were Rookies) and try to create chances for everyone who seeks to dance – be it for fun or as a professional.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is more than regular posts on all available social media channels. It is about understanding the different audiences and algorithms of any given platform to reach the right viewers with your message.

We can work with you on your strategy, handle uploads, and keep the audience engaged with real human community management – no bots on our watch.

Graphics and Design

We create art with a purpose. Our designers find visual ways to achieve your goals or solve your problem using imagery and text.

The results stand as an aesthetic expression that communicates your brand image and your values in the blink of an eye.

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